Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby Steps...again and again...

It's been a few months since I was able to sit down and write. Not just because I've been busy (YES, I have been!) but because I didn't want to write about my failures of eating healthy.

I don't know how to make my mind click like O is telling me. I don't know how to say, "Lisa, that Whataburger is NOT good for you, eating it will NOT make you feel better!" Instead I say, "Lisa don't you want a Whataburger right about now...why, yes...yes I do" and there goes my car into the drive thru!

So I've been thinking this week about portion control. I know I have a problem with this. When I go to a Mexican restaurant and they have the bottomless chips and salsa, I will sit there and eat it before the meal, during the meal AND after. Even after I can't stuff another bite into my mouth I will go for those last few chips in the basket. WHY????? Why do I do that? Why do I ask the people at the next table if they are going to eat what's left of their chips...ha, just kidding I would NEVER! But seriously I'm just as gross. So I'm thinking I need to start watching how much I eat.

Like for instance, Ryan and I went to Flaming Wok the other night. I ordered the child's plate because I didn't want to eat all the food they normally pile onto their dinner. BUT, it was still a big portion and about half way through I started feeling full. Did I stop? NO I didn't! I just kept on eating until I was about to pop! It was just SO stink'n tasty! But I got to thinking after I left there (thank goodness Ryan was driving so I could lay my seat back a little. People, I was stuffed!) that I could have asked for a to go box and when I got home or the next day I could have ate a little more if I wanted to. Why did I feel like I had to totally eat all of it right then?

One of my bosses at work turned me on to the best sandwich I've ever had (with the exception of the BLT at Hot Rods in Sacramento). It was a turkey sandwich on wheat with lettuce, tomato and mayo. The kicker was the cranberry sauce they put on one layer of the bread! Oh my, for the love of Benji! It is TASTY! SO...the very next day after having one of these, I went back down to the deli in our building and ordered another one. It was the regular size which is huge so it comes cut in half. I told myself I was going to eat half for lunch and then save the rest for dinner. Well after I got one half down, I went right for the other half! WHY? Yes, it was good but it would have been just as good for dinner and I wouldn't have stuffed myself like a Build-A-Bear!!
Anyways...I could go on for days with examples but I will spare you the gory details! My plan is to start watching what I eat as far as portion control. You'll be happy to know that yesterday when I had that sandwich AGAIN I only ordered a half so I wouldn't be tempted! Today I had a can of soup for lunch and instead of eating a donut I had a brain muffin! Also, instead of munching on chocolate from a co-workers candy dish, I ate a few mini sized cheese flavored rice cakes.

Baby steps...