Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Glad my temporary cap fell off on the tooth closest to the front.   I look like I've been smoke'n crack for years.  I'm tempted to take a picture of this and post it but that would just start the rumors fly'n.  Lord knows I don’t need any more of that!

So I need to add something to my list of things that I
can’t stand.  I know this makes me sound negative
 and I was going to try my best this year to remain positive, but well…whatever.  So yesterday I’m leaving Wal-Mart (with my front tooth half way gone I felt right at home) and decide Chick fil-A sounded good for dinner plus it was right next door, I'm lazy.  (On a side note I find myself eating in my car a lot lately.  I think it’s easier to do that as opposed to going home and sitting at my table alone.  Just say’n.) So I’m in the drive-through and I’m looking around at the cars around me and there’s this guy sitting in his car eating an ice-cream cone. Ok. First of all, I don’t have anything against ice-cream.  I don’t even have anything against the ice-cream being in a cone. (Just FYI, if you ask the folks at DQ to add a pump of chocolate at the bottom of your cone before they fill it with the ice-cream…they will!! Again, just say’n.) BUT, when you do this continuous lick that you stretch your tongue out for, long before the cone even gets in the vicinity of your mouth, dude…it’s just gross!  Relax…show some restraint.  Your tongue is not in a race with your face to see who can get to the ice-cream the fastest.  It’s all gonna work itself out and come together at the right time.  I mean really.  You don’t know how ridiculous you looked.  I will say after watching this display I will think twice before licking on a cone in public again or atleast practice in the mirror first.  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Making plans...

Together again!!  I've had my soul sista here for the last 4 days. We are setting new goals and making plans!

Being divorced and starting my life AGAIN requires some serious thought and motivation.

We are spending the next few days writing down all the things we want to let go of. Past mistakes, regrets, bad eating habits, failures, low self esteem...and on and on............... Once we have our lists compiled, we are going to burn them,  throw the ashes in the ocean and watch them float away and out of our lives forever. See how easy that is!!